Melissa Scheid Frantz, Artist
Ursula's Light.JPG


Capture the joy and beauty of your pregnancy with an original BellyScape oil painting. Created from your silhouette, this landscape painting portrays all the magic of your pregnancy. Email me ( to learn more about how to capture your pregnancy in a BellyScape.

"This painting ("Ursula's Light") is breathtaking on its own, but knowing that it is our child in utero just before she was born makes this a very special painting that will be handed down through the generations. We asked Melissa to bring together a lush earth setting with a starry sky to symbolize the constellation (Ursa Major) after which we named our daughter, and the effect is otherwordly."  – Jennifer, Massachusetts

"Melissa made such a beautiful memento of our second pregnancy. Turning my huge belly into a mountain is a wonderful metaphor for motherhood! I love to imagine myself as the solid physical structure that has created our family. We are very grateful to Melissa for creating something that is so special to us, but that is also a gorgeous and tasteful piece of art."  – Maxine, Massachusetts